Looking back over the last five years the progress that Violet has made has been incredible. We would like to thank everyone for their continued generous support, which has gone a long way in making sure Violet’s program can continue to run successfully, you are all very much a part of her journey.

Violet was diagnosed with Autism in July 2009 after a year of speculation.  Our first instincts were that she may be deaf as she didn’t always appear to react to sounds and sometimes people.  We sought the help of our health visitor and a Paediatrician and although she passed all the hearing tests she was put on a waiting list for speech therapy. During this time she began to pick up strange habits; she would spin objects, collect toys instead of playing with them and would always walk on her tip toes.  It became apparent that her behaviour was becoming somewhat obsessive, all the signs were there and we had to look into the possibility of Autism.

Along with the diagnosis came devastation, after all, our knowledge of Autism was limited. The one thing we were certain of was that we needed to get as much information and support for Violet as possible.  Our health visitor suggested a special needs play group and it was there that we first heard about the Son-Rise program via another parent whose child was already using it with tremendous results.

We attended the Son-Rise start-up course in January 2010 and have not looked back since. The course provided us with all the knowledge and motivation needed to begin running our own home based Son-Rise program.

Over the years the monies raised from events such as tonight, have enabled us to develop a fully functioning Son-Rise program. A purpose built play room was built in early 2010, specifically adapted for Violet’s needs. Violet spends up to 6 hours a day in the play room, working within a stimulating, high-energy, one-on-one child 

centred curriculum. The key focus is learning through play and developing her eye contact, communication and skill acquisition. She has a team of dedicated child facilitators and volunteers and is working incredibly hard to achieve the targets and goals set under the program.  

In January 2011 we attended the Intensive Course in Massachusetts, USA. The course was extremely beneficial and Violet made an important breakthrough with self-help. We learned a great deal more about Violet and also ourselves, the support that we received enabled us to take Violet’s program to the next level. 

More recently we have utilised the Son-Rise’s in-home outreach program. This involved a Son-Rise facilitator visiting our home from the US to oversee and assess our entire program.  After observing the work that we have been doing with Violet the facilitator provided constructive feedback. The visit also helped our volunteers, as well as others in Violet’s life, to completely understand the program and its benefits.

As time has gone on we have begun to look more closely into what is going on inside Violet’s body. She has very extreme sensory issues and a controlled diet is key to her well being. As well as the Son-Rise we have started to use a number of other complimentary techniques, NAET (an allergy elimination technique) and Handle therapy. A description of both therapies and what they entail can be found within this program. 

Violet’s progress has been fantastic, we have lost count of her single word vocabulary and she is now able to construct 2/3 word combinations. She is developing into a very determined little girl with some brilliant ideas, her character is beginning to shine and what a little star she is. She is loving, caring and we have lots of small interactions which are extremely precious. Her progress to date allows us to be optimistic about her future and we have learnt that we are more effective with Violet when we feel confident. We are more understanding, knowing, non-judgmental and patient.  More importantly we have learnt to embrace Violet and to appreciate all the little things that she can do. Violet still has challenges but we face them together one at a time.

As a family we love Violet more that words can describe and we can truly say that the Son-Rise, NAET and Handle treatment has changed our lives for the better.