The Girls Mini 'Tough Mudder' Style

Challenge 21st Feb 2015


Raising Funds For:

Read more on the Blossom ASD Centre Read more on Violet Reynolds Read more on Cancer Research

Over 100 lovely ladies will be taking on the Mini 'Tough Mudder' Style Challenge on 21st February for 3 great causes. The challenge is taking on the UK’s best military assault course with over 100 obstacles including tunnels, tyres, rope swings, water dippers and more.

Any donation, no matter how small is very much appreciated.

Please leave us a comment below and let us no which girls your are supporting in the challenge!

The Girls Taking Part In 'Tough Mudder' Style Challenge
To Raise Money For 3 Great Causes
Toni Reynolds  Lucy Wheeler  Natalie Dinning  Sophie Brett
Emma Reynolds Bekki Finnigan Rosanna Perry  Sue Woodlands
Yvonne Reynolds Katy Taster  Charlotte Goggin  Susan Gibbens
Jill Taster  Julie-anne Pithman Lauren Kenway  Sarah Miles
Charlotte James Sarah Louise Towe Jo Shipp  Emma Badham
Holly Skinner  Anita Elliott  Samantha Scammell Jodie Lucas 
Katy Jones  Lucy Lowe  Chelsie Dipple  Veeny Grimes 
Mandy Neilson  Michele Hume-Harris  Chelsea Neal Carly Ward
Clare Reeves Debbie Heather  Sarah Frost Cara Parcell
Louise Bird   Maria Grazia  Diana Kluman Vicky Willis 
Joanne Palmer Marie Healy  Aliki Chrysiliou Rachel Alanna Baker
Kate Paris  Kellie Godfrey-Duke Christianne Hendy  Louise South
Nancy Paris Natalie Caulfield  Dawn McGilchrist Daisy Butters
Daisy Grace Paris  Molly Goodchild  Hayley Pillings Erica Hameed (Ward)
Ester Paris Claire Parry  Amy King  Lorna Westgarth-Pearce
Tilly Mae Keys Katy Moniatis Alex Ellway Greta
Emma White Becky James  Louise Finn Kelly Smith
Stacey Cartwright  Penny Hepburn Elizabeth Venville Chloe Rosie
Vicky Keys Jo Lanza Emily Breese Danielle Short
Tracey Keys Sami Lane Friend Charlotte Helen Ballam Dora Christodolou
Victoria Bergonzi  Zoe Sharp Hina Coppack Samantha Mason
Vikki Lane  Kelly Paris  Jackie Smith Beccie Scales
Sami Lane Hayley Paris  Jane Stock Michaela Scales
Rosie Lane  Betsy Paris Jess Jones Michelle Hawks
Laura Hammett Perrie Rogers Kaf in the Café April Brigg
Jo Woodhead Aimee Collison  Katie Milldown Kelly Cable
Jodi Baker Sarah Drew  Emma Spencer Charlotte Louise Edlin 
Laura Childs Kerry Crichton Laura Sargeant Dawn Ashley
Joni Flynn Julie Balmer  Meilissa Opie Kelly Goldie
Kelly Greig (Shepherd) Natasha Thomas Michelle Bonds Lel Zbrsk
Katie Davies Lisa Hooker Nancy Rutherford Gem Lampard
Helen Jaggar Natalie Kenway-Gosling  Sarah Todd Emily James



Blossom ASD Centre

The Blossom ASD Centre will be the very 1st ASD specific education centre within the Epping Forest area.  The aim is to achieve an alternative education to 50 severely autistic children to enable them to reach their full potential.

The age range of pupils will be 4-24, meaning that each child could attend for up to 20 years. During the transition age of 19-24 we will ensure that no pupil will be forced to leave our service unless we are satisfied that we have given them the very best support to enable them to live independently any adult unable to leave Blossom Centre will have the option to remain as a resident once we establish a live in service.

Pupils will taught on a 1:1 basis, with the emphasis on developing “living skills” rather than formal education, as some if not all the pupils will be unable to cope with a regular school curriculum.
The Blossom Centre believes that it is more important that pupils learn how to make a sandwich to be able to feed themselves rather than how to do calculus.
Activities will include, hydrotherapy cookery, music therapy, art and drama along with more practical skills such as woodwork, pottery, vegetable/fruit growing, animal interactions etc. The school will have the appropriate facilities to provide such activities including horse riding.
The school will operate for 39 weeks per year. During holiday time an additional 9 weeks a year of holiday scheme will be provided. School pupils will have priority but places will be made available to non-school children as well.



Violet Reynolds Son-Rise Programme

Most of you will know Violet was diagnosed with Autism in July 2009. As time has gone on we have learned more about Autism and have realised that Violet has no limitations. We took part in our first Son-Rise course at the end of January 2010 which provided us with all the knowledge and motivation we needed to begin to run our own home based Son-Rise Programme which we have continued with over the last 5 years.

Violet is almost 7 years old and has made excellent progress with her speech and language. Violet still has many challenges which she is working hard with every day but is still a very happy and loving little girl. Violet has started to attend a special needs school a few days a week and this is now supplemented with us running the son-rise programme during the rest of the week, weekends and holidays.

Autism doesn't have to be a life sentence for Violet and we can honestly say that we are very optimistic and hopeful about the future for her. Any donation, no matter how small is very much appreciated and will go towards helping this amazing little girl continue on her journey to a better future. 

All monies raised will go towards funding Violets Son-Rise which relies on qualified child facilitators and support workers.



Cancer Research: Help beat cancer sooner

One day everyone will beat cancer, the more research we do, the sooner that day will come

We’re the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. We’ve saved millions of lives by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, and survival has doubled over the past 40 years.

Every day in the UK there are more than 400 people diagnosed with cancer that will survive the disease for more than 10 years thanks to research.

We fund research into more than 200 types of cancer, including the one that’s most important to you. From the most common – such as breast, bowel, lung and prostate cancers – to rare types of tumour and children’s cancers, we support groundbreaking science that benefits everyone.


Any donation, no matter
how small is very much appreciated.